Total Peace of Mind for Your Mission Critical ML Deployments

Technical challenges and risks often arise when managing more than a handful of machine learning models. Seldon Core Enterprise (SCE) provides access to cutting edge, globally tested and trusted MLOps software for model serving with the reassurance of enterprise-level support and warranty.

Learn how Seldon Core Enterprise users are scaling with assurance by speaking to an advisor today!

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We love open-source software, but there are often unforeseen challenges and costs that it can incur.

Popular OSS licenses do not provide any warranty, often essential to scale enterprise-wide systems.

You can self manage OSS and rely upon community support, but this comes with a higher risk of unplanned downtime or delays.

All software has costs to run in production, including staff training, systems integration and customisations.

Introducing Seldon Core Enterprise

Open source is a fast and flexible way to start your machine learning deployment journey. However, as your organisation’s machine learning efforts expand - and become more critical to your business's success, issues and downtime will start to carry far more risk.

As a Seldon Core Enterprise customer, you will get:

  • Direct access to the teams behind the award-winning software through ticket support portals (with SLAs), a dedicated Slack channel and other communication channels
  • Support materials such as how-to documentation and getting started videos
  • Priority access to engineering and delivery teams who can support dedicated workshops and system evaluations
  • Access to industry-leading technology for serving, inferencing and orchestrating without the challenges and risks that come with most open source software
  • Enterprise-grade warranty to minimise downtime and move away from community support




Learn how Seldon Core Enterprise users are scaling with assurance by speaking to an advisor today!


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